Welcome to Sips-n-Splatters!


YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE TO ATTEND A SIPS N SPLATTERS ART PARTY. However, we do offer kid’s art parties through our new studio, Splatter Mania. Visit http://splattermania.com/ for further details.

Sips n Splatters is all about relaxing, exploring, getting together with friends and making new friends! It’s about sipping on your favorite drink as you unwind with the joy of creating a beautiful work of art and enjoying time for yourself!

Bring friends and something pleasant to sip – or come alone and go with the flow! We provide anything and everything else you need to unleash your inner artist. It’s an inexpensive way to treat yourself to fun, food, drink and relaxing friendship. And at the end of the evening you will take home your very own masterpiece!



Spring has Sprung At Sips-n-Splatters!

We’re signing up for our Spring-themed art parties now. Begin by clicking the link to the right to select Spring artwork to be created by you. If you’re going to sign up several friends have them visit the site and click the image to inform you of their choice of artwork.

Then go to our Calendars and Register link at the top of the page and begin your sign-up process. It’s easy to schedule a night of fun, friendship and art at Sips-n-Splatters!

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